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For Coaches and Parents

For Coaches and Parents

For Coaches and Parents

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Youth sports today are more competitive than ever before. With travel leagues, skill camps and an increased focus on winning, kids are feeling the pressure to perform, instead of enjoying the thrill of the game. And more and more kids are dropping out of sports as a result. Why is this happening, and what can we do to reverse it?

This is what Coaches and Parents is all about. Hosted by Hollywood actor and youth coach Sean Astin, Coaches and Parents includes practical tips and strategies from experts, coaches, parents, and athletes for how to give youth sports back to the youth.

This is the perfect DVD for anyone looking to make a positive impact on children, and help them develop a lifelong love of sports.

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Coaches and Parents on Sportskool


Approx. run time: 78 mins
NTSC 4:3 Full Screen

1. Practice Strategies

2. Gameday Strategies

3. Respecting the Ref

4. Parent/Coach Interaction

5. Winning and Losing

6. Goals for Every Age