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Extreme Skateboarding

Extreme Skateboarding

Extreme Skateboarding

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Few people in the skateboarding world have won more awards and accolades than the legendary Mike Vallely, aka Mike V. Since turning pro at sixteen. Mike V has competed all over the world, and performed on television, in the movies and even in video games. Now, for the first time, he shows you how to master the moves that made him a star.

In Extreme Skateboarding, Mike V reveals the secrets to pulling off advanced tricks. This is the perfect DVD for skaters who are looking to up their skills and shred like a pro.

Free Preview from the DVD:

Skateboarding: 180 Kickflips (preview)


Approx. run time: 80 mins
NTSC 4:3 Full Screen

1. Building Your Board

2. Basic Training

3. Tail and Nose Slides

4. Pop Shuvits

5. Basic Grinds

6. Ollie and Variations

7. Heelflips

8. Kickflips

9. Kickflips: Advanced

10. 180 Kickflips

BONUS: Mike V. His Story