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Train Like A Navy SEAL

Train Like A Navy SEAL

Train Like A Navy SEAL

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Digging down deep and tapping raw inner power is what Navy SEALS are called upon to do. Now you can learn the secrets of Navy SEAL training and add power and endurance to your game. With simple, highly functional movements you'll build core strength and get the critical range of motion and flexibility you need to avoid serious injury.

Your next great workout is right here. With 10 highly focused sessions to choose from including Basic and Navy SEAL Advanced you can start slowly and build up to your ultimate workout. No matter what your sport, Train Like a Navy SEAL today and you'll be your way to the best shape of your life.

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Navy SEALS Advanced (preview)


Approx. run time: 63 Mins
NTSC 4:3 Full Screen

01. Basic Navy SEAL Training 101
02. Interval Training
03. Strength Training
04. Sports Flexibility
05. Core Advantage

06. Stay Strong
07. The Need for Speed
08. Endurance Edge
09. Sports Power
10. Navy SEAL Advanced