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with Misty May


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Gold medal winner Misty May, considered the best passer in Volleyball and Gold Medalist and Beach Volleyball Hall of Famer, Chris Marlowe break down the components for a winning volleyball game.

Get the solid serves, attack strategies and defensive tactics that will prime you for every opponent. Powerhouse Misty May isolates each aspect of the game - step-by-step, drill-by-drill and then puts it all together so you can up your performance. Whether you've been playing a while or just getting started, Misty May reveals world-class tips for better power, control, focus, positioning, weight transfer and footwork including drills for increased speed, strength and endurance.

  • Every winning match starts with a solid, accurate serve. Make yours a secret weapon to help you dominate every volley. Serve hard and score some points.
  • A good pass can lead to a great offense. It all comes down to body positioning and footwork. You'll learn the fundamental mechanics to position every body part for maximum results.

Free Preview from the DVD:

Volleyball with Misty May


Approx. run time:

01. Serving
02. The Perfect Pass
03. Setting
04. Attacking
05. Blocking

06. Middle Block Attack
07. Individual Defense
08. Hit Out of Trouble
09. Volleyball Training